Rochester Tennis League

Rochester Tennis League

League rules


Scheduling and reporting matches


Due to Covid 19 , 2021 season  will have more flexible scheduling guidlines then noted below. Players are encouraged to keep up with the schedule but , they are allowed to make up missed matches any time during the session as long as they are done by the last day of the session Matches not complted by end of the session will be recorded as DNP or forfeits. We ask players to email scores as soon as possible.


Covid 19 guidliness for playing matches


Singles” Play Only  

Keep six (6) feet apart from other players and park users.

Wash/sanitize hands before and after playing tennis.

Do not share equipment with other players. Sanitize equipment after play.

Follow all CDC/MDH social distancing guidelines:

Do not use the courts if you are feeling ill even if symptoms are very mild

Check your body temperature before game  





Session I runs for 7 weeks. Starting with 2012 season, this session has a round robin format. Players are divided to levels/divisions according to their past results. At the end of the session, top two players from each division move up a level, and bottom two drop a level down.

If two players end up with same number of points their head to head match decides who is ahead. If they had a tie or DNP, total game diferential in all 7 matches will decide who is ahead. If differential is equal , then whoever won more games in all 7 matches is ahead.

If 3 players have same number of points then all matches between these 3 will decide who is ahead. We count all points won in three matches these 3 players played against each other including half points awarded for winning a set in 1-2 defeat.

If they all won one match and lost the other then game differential from all 7 matches will decide, just like explained above.

Session II runs for 7 weeks

Players are split in divisions according to their session I results. Each division has 8 players. Session II has a round robin format . Standings after 7 weeks of league play are final for this session and they are used to set up brackets for session III (fall tournament).

---------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Session III has a tournament format. Brackets are set according to final standings from session II . Winners advance to play for top spots, and losers play consolation rounds. At the end of session III all players are ranked from first place to last and these standings are used to set up divisions for the following year. Depending on the turnout players are  usually splt in two brackets , top 32 seeds form Level I, and bototm 32 level II. 



Matches are played to win in three sets with an option for players to agree to stop playing at 1-1 and call it a tie. So possible scores will be:

2-0 (winner gets 3 points, loser gets 0 points)
2-1 (winner gets 3 points, loser gets 0.5 points )
1-1 (each player gets 1 point) both players must agree to stop playing at 1-1
DNP (match not completed on time, both players get 0.5 points deducted from their total
DNP (FTR) (DNP failure to report, players failed to report score, both players lose 0.5 points)
FORFEIT (Player that forfeits gets 0 points his opponent 3 points match recorder 6-0,6-0)

If set score is 6-6 players play a tie break (first to win 7 points with two points differential).

If the third set score is 6-6 players play a tie break unless they both decide to play to win by two games (for example 8-6,9-7 etc).

The league encourages players to play a full third set, but in special situations a 10 point tiebreaker (instead of a full 3rd set) is allowed if both players agree to it. This exception is only to be used in special situations for example when a match goes too long and players don't think they can finish before it gets dark. If at least one player wants to play a full set, a full 3rd set is to be played.

Matches are played on local public courts with free access. Each player needs to bring a can of unused balls, racket spin is done before tha match to determine who provides the balls for that match.

Running late?
Players should be punctual and show up at agreed time. If your opponent is more then 15 minutes late you can take off and record a forfeit win. No shows are strongly discouraged and multiple instances of not showing up may lead to suspension from the league.


Our regular scheduling rules noted below are suspended for the current session.

RTL participants are scheduled to play one match every week.  They   have 7 days to  get in touch with their opponents, arrange time and location of the match  , complete their match  and report result to their designated league organizer. Scores need to be emailed  by each Monday night (normally winner reports the score). Scores sent after 11:59pm Monday will NOT be accepted unless players asked for an extension in which case cut-off time is 11:59pm Tuesday.
Unreported scores will be recorded as DNP (FTR) did not play , failure to report. 

If a match does not get completed by Monday night , and players don't ask for one day extension as explained below, the match will be recorded as recorded as DNP (did not play) , and both players will have a half of a point deducted from their totals. To make it fair to all players and to keep us on the schedule, we will need to enforce this rule without exceptions.

Players can ask for one day extension if they can't complete their match on time. They need to request an extension by the Monday night deadline to play their postponed match on Tuesday (extensions can not be taken for any other day of the week, Tuesday is the only option). If we don't hear from them , the match gets disqualified and recorded as DNP. Each player is allowed to take two extensions per a session.

If a player is unavailable for an entire week and his opponent is available, 3 points will be given to the player who was available, and the match will be recorded as forfeit 6-0,6-0. We hope the players themselves, in the spirit of fair play, will forfeit their matches when they are not available .

Players who are gone for an entire week can play their match ahead of time . Matches can't be postponed aside from using the one day extension rule as explained above.

  Everyone is welcome to play matches ahead of time , especially if they know they will be gone the week when their match was scheduled.

Players are responsible for emailing scores by the due date. Unreported matches get recorded DNP (did not play).

The league manager reserves the right to remove a player that doesn't show enough commitment to the schedule and the league rules. This would have to be an extreme case where a player shows lack of communication , doesn't show up for scheduled matches , or misses too many matches without an explanation. Keeping someone like that in the league would not be fair to the rest of the players who joined the league with a serious intention to have a match each week.

We try our best to inform new players  about the rules and necessary commitment needed to be part of this competition. So if someone joins us , and doesn't show enough commitment and respect to the league, the legue manager will have to intervene and possibly take them out of the competition. We try to advise players not to sign up if they are not sure they can keep up with the schedule. We have other opportunities for players who want to play occasionally and without obligations to keep up with the deadlines. Since 2015 season we have a so called casual group that gathers players interested in occasional unofficial matches.
For effective communication , using an e mail address that you check frequently  is recommended. Our scheduling system works great if there is a good and timely communication between players.