Rochester Tennis League

Doubles division

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When do we play?

 Teams can play any day or time they agree on.  Teams are ecouraged to play every week and keep up with the schedule but they can make up missed matches any time before the session is over (or before round robin rounds are done if format incldes tournament at the end of the session). Teams need to report scores  to their  designated scorekeeper  as soon as they can .  Incomplete matches by the end of the session will be recorded as forfeits or DNP (did not play) 

Setting up time and place

Team captains are responsible for arranging when and where matches take place. Matches can be scheduled on any public court in Rochester with free access or any other court teams agree on..

Good and timely communication among teams is crucial . Aside from the emails , a list of phone numbers will be passed to the players. 

Each team needs to sign up 2-4  players, there are no restrictions as how many matches each player can play. Teams can run their lineups as they wish. Some teams will choose to rotate players each week while other will utilize same two players  whenever possible and third player will be used only when needed.
Only  players listed before session begins will be allowed  to play. Roster changes after the league starts will not be permitted.


Supplying balls

Both teams are required to bring a new can of balls to every match. A rackets spin at the beginning of the match determines which team supplied the balls for the match. 

Reporting scores

Scores are emailed to your designated scorekeeper as soon as your match is done. Incomplete matches  will be entered as  forfeits or DNPs.  If a match is recorded DNP both   teams will lose .5 points as a penalty.  Forfeit records a match 6-0,6-0 in favor of the team that was avaialble. 

Score keeping

Matches are played to win in three sets .  So possible scores will be:

2-0   (winner gets 3 points, loser gets 0 points)
2-1  (winner gets 3 points, loser gets 0.5 points )
DNP (match not  completed on time, both teams  get 0.5 points deducted from their total
FORFEIT (Team  that forfeits gets 0 points their  opponents get 3 points match recorder 6-0,6-0)

If set score is 6-6 teams play a tie break (first to win 7 points with two points differential).

The league encourages   players to  play a full third set,  but  a  10 point tiebreaker (instead of a full 3rd set) is   allowed if both teams agree to it.  

 If at least one team  wants to play a 3rd set, a full 3rd set is to be played. 


Exact format will depend on number of teams that register for doubles. Most of the time it's round robin or round robin plus two weeks of playoffs. Sessions are either 6 or 7 weeks long. There is one match scheduled every week. Doubles league has 2 sessions each season. Session I starts  May 14th 2018. 

If two teams end up with same numbe of points their head to head result   determines who is ahead. If they played twice and head to head is 1-1 then their overall game differential determines who is ahead.

Doubles League Rules