Rochester Tennis League

Rochester Tennis League

RTL was created in 2006 as an independent community league not associated with USTA . It's primary goal is to connect recreational players interested in playing organized tennis regularly during the outdoor season. 

The league has 3 branches (men's/co-ed singles, women's singles and doubles)

We accept players of all levels who are over 18 y/o. Junior players under 18 y/o age can be added to the league with special permission from the league organizers. 

 RTL season goes from late April to early October and it's   divided in 3 sessions. Participants are  placed in divisions according to their previous results. New members  play placement / qualifying rounds so they can be placed appropriately . Sessions are generally 7 weeks long. At the end of each session,  top 2 players from each division  move a level up and bottom two  drop a level down.  Majority players are at 3.0 , 3.5 and 4.0 levels , with some above that and some below. Last season the league  had around 150 active players competing in 3 leagues (main  singles, doubles, and women's singles).

Rochester Tennis League  has  a  flexible scheduling format. Participants are scheduled to  play one match each week. They have 7 days to get in touch with their opponent, arrange when/where they want to play, complete their match and report it to a league organizer by each Monday night. Matches not completed by the deadlines are recorded forfeits or DNP  (did not play). Please refer to the rules section of this site for more details. 

The league has been successful because of its flexible scheduling system, and player’s dedication to the league and its rules. Matches are  scheduled  on about 40 public courts with free access or any other court two players agree on. 

The league is free of charge  for players who participated in the past. All new players joining for the first time are required to pay one time  registration fee in amount of $30.  

 RTL members join the league with a serious intention to play one match each week. They expect new players to be flexible enough to schedule matches consistently, and keep up with the schedule. They also need to show good and timely email or phone communication with their opponents.  

New players should only sign up if they are able to  play regularly . Those interested in occasional matches can sign up for casual division. This group has no schedule to follow or deadlines to adhere to. 

It is  very important to be flexible and available enough during the week. If you are only available one or two days each week it probably won't be enough to consistantly finish matches on time.

Most matches are played after 5pm during the workweek and any time over the weekends.

We sign up  for one session at a time  (each session is 5-7 weeks long)


If you want to join  or  have additional questions please email us.


Maksim Lecic

League founder and organizer


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