Rochester Tennis League


RTL inter-league team sets up one day team meets against other teams from the area. RTL team is open to players of all levels. Usually some traveling is required and format varies for each meet. We generally try to set up minimum of two matches (one doubles and one singles) for all players. We are seeking teams in 2 hour radius. Our opponents are usually similar recreational leagues, community tennis associations or clubs. So far all 8 of our meets were against Farmington Area Tennis League. We met in Rochester, Cannon Falls and Farmington. We are trying to revive these events after a 10 year long hiatus and we had some early communication with Hastings, Northfield, Farmington and Waverly . Hopefully we can get one or two of these events organized this summer. We have 16 players on the contact list for interleague at this time and can use a lot more since it's pretty challenging to find 8 or 10 people available on a particular summer weekend day. If you would like to get on this list please email us at